Harrison's manual of medicine 16th edition

Dennis L. Kasper, MD
Eugene Braunwald, MD
Anthony S. Fauci, MD
Stephen L. Hauser, MD
Dan L. Longo, MD
J. Larry Jameson, MD, PhD
Medical Publishing Division


Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine (HPIM) has always been a premier resource for clinicians and students, who require a detailed understanding of the biological and clinical aspects of quality patient care. As demands increase, especially given the expanding medical knowledge base and the increased patient-care responsibilities typical of modern health care settings, it is not always possible to read a full account of a disease or presentation before encountering the patient. It is for this reason, among others, that the Editors have condensed the clinical portions of HPIM into this pocket-sized Harrison’s Manual of Medicine.

Like previous editions, this new edition presents key features of the diagnosis and treatment of major diseases that are likely to be encountered on a medical service. The purpose of the Manual is to provide on-the-spot summaries in preparation for a more in-depth analysis of the clinical problem. The value of the Manual lies in its abbreviated format, which is useful for initial diagnosis and management in time-restricted clinical situations. The Manual has been written for easy reference to the full text of HPIM, and the Editors recommend that the full textbook—or Harrison’s On Line—be consulted as soon as time permits.

This new edition of the Manual includes a number of timely revisions. The first section, focusing on care of the hospitalized patient, is completely new and reflects the growing importance of in-patient-specific approaches. Within this section are practical and valuable chapters on admitting orders, common clinical procedures, and approach to the patient in critical care. A brand new chapter on key concepts in radiographic imaging is also included. Section 2 addresses the assessment and initial management of common medical emergencies, including the distillation of three important new chapters in HPIM on the likely biological, chemical, and radiologic agents of terrorism. Chapters on cardinal disease manifestations and on the management of common medical diseases have been completely revised and updated to reflect important developments.

The increasing time demands on clinicians are being partially offset by wider use of digital information delivery. The last edition of the Manual was the first to be made available in PDA format. This new edition of the Manual is also available digitally for PDA, and the PDA version now includes the full complement of tables and diagrams found in the print version of the Manual. In addition, Harrison’s On Line includes the full text of HPIM and a number of other valuable features. Taken as a portfolio, Harrison’s is now available in a variety of formats suitable for all levels of medical training and for all varieties of health care settings.

We have developed this edition of the Manual with the able assistance of selected contributors. The Editors also wish to acknowledge contributors to past editions of this companion handbook, whose work formed the basis for many of the chapters herein: Joseph B. Martin, MD, PhD; Daryl R. Gress, MD; John W. Engstrom, MD; Kenneth L. Tyler, MD; Sophia Vinogradov, MD. We thank Elizabeth Robbins, MD, for her editorial assistance.

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